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Rentals & Reservations

Rental Calendar

Rental Season:

October 1 – July 15

Peak Season:

December 16 – March 31

Non-Peak Season:

April 1 – July 15

October 1 – December 15

Eastwind is closed for rentals:

July 16 through September 30

Rental Options

Eastwind has a one-week (7-night) minimum rental policy. All rental reservations are based on availability and are made directly through the Eastwind office. There are no exceptions to this. 


Rental periods are defined as:

One Week Rentals (7-13 days)

Two to Three Week Rentals (14-27 nights)

Monthly Rentals (28 days or longer)

When Guests Can Make Reservations

Eastwind will work with all renters to best accommodate their requests based on availability.

Guests may book peak season reservations for monthly rentals (28 nights or longer) starting on August 14th.

Guests may book peak season reservations for two- to three-week rentals starting on August 21st.

Guests may book peak season reservations for one-week rentals on or after September 1st.

Reservations for non-peak season rentals (April 1 through December 15) can be requested at any time but will be confirmed with the owner before being accepted.

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